About Us

LurnPathways is committed to be your partner in enabling & easing the process of Educational decision making for you or your family.

We understand that the most important investment of every parent is providing their child the best education that they would also love being enrolled into. We are here to assist you and your child to access the right educational opportunities around the world. Our team of experts come with extensive knowledge and experience in the international education sector and will be able to guide your child with integrity into leading global institutions.

Be it nursery, pre-k, primary school, secondary school, or university, we identify places of study where we are sure that the child will thrive, flourish, and succeed. LurnPathways will always remain your trusted partner to provide unbiased consultation for your child, the student, to realise their future aspirations.

In addition to this, we are among leaders in catering to working professional’s career progression or career shift, by supporting them by charting the appropriate online/distance learning/in school programme that they can pursue to contribute to that learning curve while working.

Our relationship with you begins with a 20-minute call with our experts to understand your expectations and education goals. We promise to stay through till the end, a journey of 25-27 weeks, that would include travel & pre-departure briefing where applicable.

How are we different?

A. No-Room-For-Biases

    Our ONLY priority is to help you with your education abroad.

    Therefore, we do not directly or indirectly promote any universities to you. We work with you in helping you identifying and applying to the right courses at the right universities and countries thereby allowing you to pick what’s best for you and your future.

    We follow a strictly unbiased counselling services wherein our international education advice, suggestions and strategies would be around what is best for you and your career.

B. Multi-Country-Expertise

    Depending on your educational goals, financial constraints and long-term career plan, we are experts in supporting you with a multitude of choices: country, courses and universities to pick from. Why restrict yourself to only popular countries when you have the whole world to explore?

C. Industry-Experience

    Since 2003, we are a part of this industry on various capacities right from being international students ourselves to consultants, counsellors and strategists in the UK & India. Our combined team experience of working in the international education domain and helping students is over 136 years!

    We have a proven track-record of helping over 270 international students access best courses from some of the top-ranking universities’ and schools in the world.

Why restrict to only a few courses or country choices when you have the whole world to explore?

Get in touch with us to create your own bespoke study abroad pathways.

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