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Technology and globalisation have made the world a very small place. International relocations have become a normal aair in any industry.

This brings with it the challenge of continuous educational progress of children when family relocations are the norm. Each country has minor variations on the schooling system. Our experts will assist you in finding the right independent school abroad for your child(ren) based on their individualistic profile and needs. Call us today to help us understand your circumstances and requirements and then determine the best possible school for supporting you.

Nursery (0-4 yrs)

Kindergarten, Nursery, Pre-school - so many names and a lot of queries. We can guide you to wade through the best Early Years Foundational Stages learning styles keeping in focus the unique requirements of the child (if any) and create an educational pathway that will give your child the best start of their educational journey.

Pre-Prep (4-7 yrs)

In most cases, this is part of a primary school, but there are just pre-prep schools that will help children get ready for the Prep school or the Key Stage 2. This covers the stages of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in UK. We can help you through right selection of the school that will help your child be part of a school that has a well-rounded educational programme and is also having a good Ofsted rating.

Prep (7-11/13)

Prep schools are focussed on preparing a child for senior private school. The child starts here at Year 3 and leaves the Prep at the end of Year 6 for 11+ or at Year 7 for 13+. You have a choice of single sex or coeducational prep school for your child(ren). Prep schools can follow the traditional national curriculum of Key Stage 2 but are free to have additional subjects and activities into the programme. We can support you on how to prepare your child for prep school and continue our support to their target secondary school.

Senior (11+/13+)

Entry into senior school takes place at 11 (in Year 7), after qualifying to 11+ Common Entrance exams or at 13+ after clearing the Common Entrance examination and join in Year 9 and continues till GCSE (Year 11). The school days are longer and have a broad subject choice delivered by exceptional teaching and excellent facilities. Strong traditional values are also incorporated into the curriculum along with sports & extra-curricular given equal importance as the academics. The schools we recommend will ensure your child’s academic success in addition to fulfilling all the needs of your child. Our consultant will be there at every step of the way to help you arrive at the best fit school for your child’s individual profile and abilities.

Sixth Form (16-18 yrs)

This can be the last two years of study in a senior school or they can as part of a standalone Sixth Form college. A student starts sixth form at 16 yrs of age and graduates at 18 yrs of age. There is a minimum requirement of GCSEs for entry into sixth form and involves an interview with the Head and maybe a few exams in the chosen subject. The other options available for student in this age group are International Baccalaureate (IB) or vocational studies (BTech). Our consultants will help you and your child evaluate all the available options and arrive at the one that best suits the abilities and future educational and career aspirations of your child.

Why restrict to only a few courses or country choices when you have the whole world to explore?

Get in touch with us to create your own bespoke study abroad pathways.

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