Research Abroad

Research is a very personal and niche field that requires an involved approach to handhold the research/Ph.D student through the entire process starting with the thesis area exploration, industry mapping, profile building, applications, and critical review & analysis of the thesis submission

Where needed we also provide support for interview preparation.

The Research Abroad involves these stages:


  • Identify your thesis area(s).
  • Present your thesis topic to our team of guidance counsellors with a draft proposal and plan of action.

    This sets in motion the following processes.

Industry Evaluation/Application
  • The possible industry applications are identified for the proposed thesis topic.
  • Analysis of the countries that would support this specific industry to ensure post doctorate career opportunities.
  • College/university research and mapping based on your research topic & future career prospects.
  • Scholarship mapping and continuous profile management to ensure building a strong profile that will appeal to the university while applying. This will also include skill gap and SWOT analysis of your profile and guidance on how to fill the gaps in your profile to make it strong enough by the time research application is filed.


Once the skill gaps are identified in the profile, our expert mentors will support you on

  • Upskilling through various online programmes to bridge any skill gaps.
University/Country Selection
  • Shortlisting of university based on ‘best fit’ for your thesis application and profile.
  • Strategise on country specific preparations needed for documentation, financial planning, safety aspects, guardianship (where applicable), local accommodation and so on.
Documentation Support
  • Profile building with special highlight on key information
  • Structure and basic format of Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from universities/colleges, coaches, supervisor and volunteer supervisors to highlight the various aspects of your profile.
  • Statement of Purpose/Application essays that will showcase all aspects of your profile.
  • Filling of application forms itself as different countries have multiple layered forms, and our mentors will be there alongside the student for every step of the application process itself
  • Work on strengthening the profile even more.

Ready to Fly

Once the applications are completed, in a few days to weeks offers from universities will start coming in. We will guide you at this stage to

Support in responding to Offer Letters
  • Accept or reject the offers with appropriate messaging. If there are any deferrals or waitlist offers, then work with you to follow through these with additional essays expressing continued interest.
Interview Preparation
  • Train you for the interview with the professor or the university representative, including communication skills and body language.
Offer Finalisation
  • Enable you to choose the best fit offer when you have more than one offer.
Travel Support
  • Work out travel plans to coincide with the accommodation arrangements.
  • Pre-boarding workshops to equip you with necessary information that you would need on landing and to face any kind of immigration questions at the target destination, and to face any unforeseen deviations on arrival at destination.

Why restrict to only a few courses or country choices when you have the whole world to explore?

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