In today’s globalised world, where international relocations are becoming a norm, we understand the complexities involved in ensuring the continuous educational progression of students.

We recommend that the mentoring UG abroad preparation phase begins early in a student’s life – when they are in their class 9. This enables that the various stages of the UG abroad mentorship programme can progress at a comfortable pace for the student and can also enable any skill gaps to be addressed in due course before it is time for the actual application process to begin.

Keeping this in mind, we have a complete process designed where our experts are always available to hand hold you through every stage till you can find the best fit school that would ensure the continuous education progression of a student.



In class 11, it is time to start acting and getting the application process underway, that is expected to be over by class 12, just in time for admissions, without missing a year. There are a few additional things that need to be catered to before we can prepare a stellar application that will guarantee offers from universities. Our expert mentors will guide the student with information and support on

Ready to Fly

Once the applications are completed, in a few days to weeks offers from universities will start coming in. We will guide you at this stage to