Gap-year Programmes


A detailed discussion to understand if your child might benefit from a gap-year programme abroad.

Not all children want to follow the traditional school-to-college route, and more and more parents are becoming receptive to the idea of a gap year. Today, children want to explore more before deciding on an undergraduate degree so that they can be sure of their chosen career path. If your child is unsure of their career choice or would like to get a better understanding of their choices, or would simply like to take a break before taking the big plunge into higher education, a gap year might be a great choice for them.

Our international education strategists will discuss the opportunities available in gap- year programmes abroad help remove your doubts and worries about the same, and provide the guidance you need to make a decision.


You will gain an understanding of the global gap-year programmes and opportunities suited to your child’s interests and goals, along with a list of action points to focus on to actualize those goals.

Duration: 1 hour  

Gap-year Programmes



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What is LurnPathways?

LurnPathways is an independent tech-enabled, data-driven international education consulting company that enables children to make better educational decisions. 

Who owns LurnPathways?

LurnPathways is the dedicated education advisory division of a Bristol-based international education consultancy company, Lurnable, a pioneer in the international education strategy services in the UK & India.

Who is behind team, LurnPathways?

LurnPathways is managed by a team of ex-international students, psychologists, British school headmasters, teachers, counsellors and admissions experts from the UK, India, Singapore and the USA.

What is different about LurnPathways?


Our ONLY priority is to help you with your education abroad. We follow a strictly unbiased counselling services wherein our international education advice, suggestions and strategies would be around what is best for you and your career.


Depending on your educational goals, financial constraints and long-term career plan, we are experts in supporting you with a multitude of choices: country, courses and universities to pick from. 


We take pride in being a data-obsessed advisory services company for international students. All our solutions, suggestions and advises to our students will be driven and justified by a big chunk of data to enable you in the right educational direction.


Since 2003, we are a part of this industry on various capacities right from being international students ourselves to consultants, counsellors and strategists in the UK & India. 

Still not convinced? 

Take a look at our very own ever-growing list of data sources that we use to help you:

  • 36+ Countries
  • 500+ Subject Offerings
  • 126,000+ On-campus Courses
  • 5500+ Skills Development Courses
  • 36,000+ International Schools 
  • 20,000+ International Higher Education Institutions 
  • 1000+ International Scholarships Opportunities 
  • 9,000+ Graduate Job Opportunities around the world  
  • 60,000+ Mock Tests to Help Prepare for 1500+ Entrance Exams


How can LurnPathways help me?

Treat us like your collaborative education coach and partner. Your engagement with us will begin with a principal advisor dedicated to help you with your educational planning and admission process. 

Depending on your age, needs and goals, we start with the very basic question ‘Why?’

Why do you want to study anything? anywhere? 

What motivates you to aspire for certain courses and careers?

What are your long-term professional goals?

How to achieve them?

Our team of experts at LurnPathways provide you with answers to enable you to make right educational decisions and help support you in the entire application and admissions cycle.

When should I start my admission process?

It entirely depends on your age, education background, goals and needs.

Some of our students start at 11-years-old for their boarding school programme while several others start at 15, 18, 21 or even at 55 for their skills development needs. 

However, as a general rule of advice, we suggest students start at least 6 to 9-months prior to submitting an application. 

To give you a general overview of the timeline:





1-Year Prior 



1-Year Prior



4 to 9-months Prior

Depending on the intake varies between March & September


1-Year Prior

Varies per country and university


4-months Prior

Varied per opportunity











The above table is a tentative overview however deadlines, thereby, counselling time will vary per country, course, level, mode, type of education of your choice.

Does LurnPathways offer training services for test preparation?

We focus on enabling a student with necessary information on making better educational decisions and admission strategies therefore we do not offer training services or solutions. If need be, we are happy to refer you to professionals who offer these services.

Will LurnPathways write essays or admission materials for me?

We go out of our way to bring out the story in you through our brainstorming sessions, reviews and feedback. 

Our team at LurnPathways want what’s best for you, your goals, your aspirations therefore we believe we must bring your story out to the world. Therefore, we do not write your essay or letters on your behalf.

Rest assured, we will guide you in creating a strong personal essay and admission recommendation letters.

Will you help me make right educational decisions?

Everything that our parent company, Lurnable does is centred around the question – will this offering, tool, service, product, content help a child make better educational decisions. 

Driven by latest technology and data, LurnPathways will strive its best to help you make the right educational decisions for your life. Be it a country, course, institution, gap-year programme, summer programme, boarding school or any other specialised educational needs, we are here to help support you in your educational decisions.

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