Terms and Conditions


LurnPathways is a dedicated independent education and careers advisory division of Lurnable Limited, UK & India. 


Our services are limited to counselling, strategising and supporting students in making educational decisions that best-suit their personal, professional aspirations and long-term goals. In several instances, we also support students in their admission process. 

  • We are not affiliated to any educational institution.
  • We do not guarantee admission to any institution. 
  • We will not be liable if an applicant is unable to secure admission to any or all of the educational institutions that they had applied to. 


Our expertise is in enabling students in their educational decisions and admissions strategies to improve their chances of studying in an education institution of their choice, thereby:

  • We do not provide any tests preparation training services. The student is responsible for studying, researching test dates and managing registration and score reporting to colleges.
  • We do not offer visa application advice or guidance services. The student and parents are responsible to contact the relevant consulates and process their visa application.


LurnPathways will help students with a list of compatible scholarship opportunities however we do not guarantee securing funding through scholarship or other financial aid. Our expertise is only on identifying and providing information on suitable opportunities for students.


We do not create or write but only support students in strategising their admission essays and letters of recommendation from their respective schools or employers. 

Also, it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with the school, college, university or employer organisation and ensure that the documentation is shared with us on time.

The applicant must draft and create materials such as resumes, institutional-specific essays and other supplemental documents for application submissions. We are not liable or responsible if any material submitted to an educational institution has been plagiarised in part or whole.


Our services are limited to supporting the boarding school and summer school application process for children aged 11 and above. We are not responsible for any external fees payable to schools and do not guarantee admission to any school.


LurnPathways uses its patent-pending, data-driven education counselling process to enable children in making right educational and career decisions. The scope of our work is limited to assisting, guiding and counselling only. We do not guarantee admission or securing financial aid or any other educational or career opportunity.


LurnPathways list of services and associated fees are detailed on the website. All rates & fees mentioned on the website are inclusive of applicable taxes. Payment must be made in full before the commencement of services unless agreed otherwise.


LurnPathways work will commence once the payment receipt is confirmed. We appreciate prompt, full payment via online banking, credit card and debit card against system-generated invoices. 

All payments are made for a chosen particular application cycle of that year or guidance programme, for specific services and a specific applicant. Payments are not refundable nor are they transferable to other services, to future cycles or to other family members or friends.

The client understands that LurnPathways is a guidance, advisory consultant, counsellor and does not guarantee or assure interviews, admissions and/or results. Any liability that may arise out of deficiency of services or fulfilment of obligations outlined here shall be limited to the fees received from the client and shall not be more than that in any case. In particular, while LurnPathways may provide certain assistance with respect to facilitating interviews, the responsibility of making adequate checks on the timing, location and other details rests solely with the client.

We will not be responsible for any additional costs associated with other application fees, suggested service partners, paid workshops etc.



LurnPathways is a digital-only education advisory services company with offices in multiple locations in the UK & India that we use for mandatory face-to-face meetings. As such, we use email, calls, text messages, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype and our in-house Students Education Management system, Khaarana to manage all our communication with students and parents. 

We suggest using Microsoft Word and not Google or other SaaS based products while editing or reviewing documents. It is important the students have turned the track changes and comments features on to read our suggestions.



LurnPathways uses email and our in-house Students Education Management system, Khaarana, as the primary mode of communication. We will acknowledge phone, email or text communications as soon as possible and endeavour to provide detailed responses, if required, within 48 business hours.

We will schedule appointments with students within 72 business hours of receiving a request for our services.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (IST) and 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (UK). Saturday appointments and meetings are available on a need-basis depending on the application cycle. 

As we work on a Monday to Friday schedule, materials that you submit to us by Monday morning will be reviewed and returned at the latest by close of business on Friday. Though, we always endeavour to return materials as soon as possible, especially as submission deadlines approach, unforeseen circumstances may lead to delay.

We will have very limited availability during the holiday season and general public or bank holidays both in the UK & India. However, we prioritise availability based on the application cycle. 


In order to help us help students better, we request them to stay in touch with us regularly by email, even with short updates or status reports.

Also, we expect that students update us with any scheduling constraints or opportunities that they may have. For example, in case of a personal obligation or an upcoming deadline, please inform us. We will not be responsible for any delays owing to the action, inaction or lack of communication on the part of the students.



Materials shared with team, LurnPathways will not be shared outside the organisation. Furthermore, we do not disclose our client list or use names without permission.


Our team at LurnPathways develops and shares its proprietary materials for the exclusive use of students who have engaged the firm for profile building, application, advisory and related services. These materials should not be shared with anyone.



LurnPathways will work with each individual student to devise a bespoke education plan relevant to their chosen services with us. Based on the admission cycle, we will usually set internal finalisation deadlines at least 2 weeks prior to the actual submission deadline. 


Applicants are expected to thoroughly review our feedback on application materials, including suggestions, questions, proposed language changes and potential deletions. We expect the student to submit all application documents for final review by team, LurnPathways. 

We do not review any or all application documents within 3-days of the actual submission deadline.


Our team of experts at LurnPathways take utmost care in finalising all application and admission-related documents. We always deploy an open, more collaborative approach with our students and involve at least two counsellors at our end during the application finalisation process. 


We advise students not to re-open them, however, for some reasons, if the students want to make changes to the application and documents after team, LurnPathways have finalised everything, we will not re-evaluate the material.


We advise students to follow Lurnable’s pages on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to access updated information pertaining to profile building, the admissions process, upcoming events, scholarships and other relevant topics. 


Upon completion of our engagement with students, we will request a feedback or testimonials from students through an online customer survey and/or by email to help improve our service offerings. LurnPathways may also request testimonials, which will be used anonymously and in public only upon the final approval of the applicant. Finally, where acceptable we may also request that students serve as a reference for prospective clients.