At LurnPathways, we take a student-centric approach to our services and put the needs and wishes of our students at the heart of all our operations. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach and instead treat each student we help like the individual they are and ensure we help find the best education pathway for their unique needs.

It can be quite a daunting and complicated process when exploring the ins and outs of studying abroad, which is why our team of dedicated professionals are here to help. Each member of our team specialises in a different aspect of studying abroad, such as international admissions strategy, to ensure we can offer a fully-rounded consultancy service.

Each passionate member of our team has experienced studying or living abroad in some form or the other, so they can offer our students true insight and valuable advice.

Whether you’re wishing to attend summer programmes, boarding school, start an undergraduate (UG) degree, a postgraduate degree (PG), or research abroad, we have the right experience and know-how to help get you on your way. We help students to reach their full potential and gain new international experiences that they may have always dreamed of. 

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Our Process

Our process at LurnPathways is split into three stages. First, there’s the ‘Assess’ stage. Here, our unbiased and child-centric consultants learn about the desired educational pathway of a student. We truly determine what is best for the child by completing a series of assessments, such as Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Personality Assessment, Learning Abilities and Curiosity Quotient.

While there are many beneficial educational pathways open to students who wish to study internationally, our tests ensure they find the right one for them.

Secondly, there’s the ‘Analyse’ stage. In this stage, our consultants analyse the long-term settlement plans of students and their parents. Many of the students we serve choose to study abroad as part of a plan to relocate to a new country and become a permanent resident abroad.

The experience of our consultants is invaluable at this stage as we also discuss important considerations such as the culture, politics and weather of a country, among other factors, to ensure the country will be a suitable fit for a student and they will be able to excel there.

The third stage is called ‘Apply’ wherein we apply all the acquired knowledge about the student into action. Once a student reaches the third and final stage, we will map their personal profile and education pathway to ensure they are on the right track to achieve their desired career. Students will be informed of the countries and universities that match their long-term settlement, career and educational goals. This stage is in other words defined as ‘Ready to Fly’ as for our students, the sky really is the limit.

We don’t restrict our advisory services to a few select countries and universities, rather we ensure our students are aware of all opportunities available to them from around the globe. This ensures we can help our students find the right university for them – be it Oxbridge, NUCB in Japan, or another educational establishment. Our expert advisors and consultants are first class and consider all career possibilities and unmissable opportunities for students

With the right country, the right educational establishment, and a few potential course choices locked in, we begin the admission application process. It pays to have expert guidance behind you when beginning the application process, as we can utilise all of our experience and supply you with advice on what makes a desirable applicant. It’s no secret that if you stand out – for the right reasons – you’re much more likely to be accepted into the university of your choice.

With your choices made, and your university or boarding school confirmed, it’ll soon be time to get on the plane! 

Our consultants will help you to make the last finishing touches before you leave. This can be anything from what to pack, to picking out the type of dormitory you want to live in, to helping you choose whereabouts on or off-campus is best for you.

Part of our child-centric ethos is to ensure our students are not only set out on the right pathway for their education, but they have the support and knowledge they need to have a positive and beneficial social life whilst studying internationally also. We have extensive knowledge about different cultures and will ensure you arrive at your chosen country with all the important information you need to thrive in your chosen educational establishment.

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