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With the right country, the right educational establishment, and a few potential course choices locked in, we begin the admission application process. It pays to have expert guidance behind you when beginning the application process, as we can utilise all of our experience and supply you with advice on what makes a desirable applicant. It’s no secret that if you stand out – for the right reasons – you’re much more likely to be accepted into the university of your choice.

With your choices made, and your university or boarding school confirmed, it’ll soon be time to get on the plane! 

Our consultants will help you to make the last finishing touches before you leave. This can be anything from what to pack, to picking out the type of dormitory you want to live in, to helping you choose whereabouts on or off-campus is best for you.

Part of our child-centric ethos is to ensure our students are not only set out on the right pathway for their education, but they have the support and knowledge they need to have a positive and beneficial social life whilst studying internationally also. We have extensive knowledge about different cultures and will ensure you arrive at your chosen country with all the important information you need to thrive in your chosen educational establishment.